Lee's Staff Picks

Lee comes from a long line or Oregonians and after time away living from coast to coast she followed her heart, set her eyes on the mountains, sniffed the air and put the pedal to the metal and is back home for good. 

If it has fur, scales, feathers, or any other form of covering, Lee either has shared a roof or is friends with it. Currently, the pack consists of a highly entitled cat, an extremely feminine guinea pig, the most congenial bearded dragon, and a uromastyx in desperate need of an attitude check.

You'll never know what Lee is reading next but eclectic may be the best way to describe the selection. Antique medical instrument manuals, the inner workings of the home in medieval times, and the delightful margin notes in monastic scribe's transcriptions are just some of the subjects.  Of course, an excellent classic or short story/essays book is a constant as well. Historical fiction and vegetarian cookbooks, too.  And who doesn't like an exciting mystery book that makes you double check your locks before bed. In a sense, Lee's mantra is every genre is the best genre so why not try them all? 

"The love of learning, the sequestered nooks, And all the sweet serenity of books" Henry Wadsworth Longfellow