About Us

Paulina Springs Books

Where did that name come from?

Paulina Springs bubble up from the ground on thewestern flank of Black Butte Ranch near Sisters. Fed by waters from beneath the ground surface Paulina Springs are cool, clear, and a beautiful spot to visit on the ranch. Dick and Diane, the founders of Paulina Springs Books lived at Black Butte Ranch when they started the store.

Central Oregon sports many Paulina's. A town, a lake, and a peak to name a few of the well known features. Each of them is a Paul-eye-nah, not a Paul-ee-nah, because they all share the common heritage of Chief Paulina, a Northern Paiute indian. He was a fierce war leader ranging over much of the eastern and central Oregon territory.

Do you specialize in particular books?

Paulina Springs is a general bookstore, selling both new and used books (predominantly new.) We stock childrens books, books for young readers, reference books, and all types of fiction and non-fiction titles for adults.

Patrons appreciate the depth of our titles with a relevance to Central OR - whether it be in subject or local authorship.

Both visitors and residents alike value our full selection of books pertaining to enjoying the wonderful outdoor opportunities in Central OR - whether this be hiking, birding, biking, fishing, plant identification or snow sport related.

We receive consistent praise for the book selection we offer to our younger audience. Whether it be a picture book to enjoy with a young person, or an exciting bit of literature for an 18-year old you are certain to find a considerable number of appropriate choices. You will find the expected (Goodnight Moon or Harry Potter), and the unexpected (Bee & Me or Will Grayson, Will Grayson.)


Do you sell anything beside books?

We carry the the most complete selection of Melissa & Doug toys in Central OR. This independent, but rapidly growing company is well known for the high quality of their toys. We are always adding to toy selection from other companies as well to bring items of interest and quality to our shoppers.

Our selection of games are sure to please anyone who enjoys good quality games, outside the realm of department store Hasbros, Mattels, and Milton Bradleys. Our extensive game selection includes such classics as Settlers of Cataan, Ticket to Ride, Mexican Train Dominoes as well as lesser known but equally great games.

Our extensive card selection is anything but run of the mill. We hear over and over again from shoppers "You have the best card selection".

In this age of digital downloads and the disappearance of the local "record store". Paulina Springs continues to make music on CD's available to our shoppers. Our handpicked selection contains a variety that is likely to find appreciation in nearly everyone.