Book clubs

What can we do for your reading group?
Paulina Springs Books provides support to book clubs in a variety of ways.  Register your reading group at either store to see what we can do for you.

  • we offer a 15% discount for the books selected by your reading group - deeper discounts are available on selected titles
  • we offer the Indie Next List for Reading Groups to help you discover books being favored by book clubs across the country
  • speak with any staff member about what your book group likes to read and we are happy to assemble a list of new possibilities for you
  • have a subject in mind? We are happy to print out a list of new books pertaining to a subject your group is tackling

When you register your book club with us, we ask that you supply us a list of your club members and their phone numbers. After your group selects your next title, one member can make note of each person who would like to purchase the book through Paulina Springs and notify us of the list and the title. We will order the books (typically having them within a day or two) and call those individuals to notify them their book is in.

It doesn’t matter how many people need the book - it can be one person or thirty. Either way your members will receive the 15% discount. Give us a chance to service your groups needs. If you have ideas of how we can improve our service, we are always interested in suggestions.