Consignment enables Paulina Springs Books to stock a larger selection of self-published titles and provide greater support for our local writing community than we can through direct purchase of their books. Our consignment program creates an opportunity for authors to display their work in our stores to see if it is of interest to our readers. After achieving a record of sales, we may find we are able to switch some titles over to direct purchase.

A copy of our consigment agreement is shown below. In general, conditions of our acceptance to stock consignment titles includes:


  • Paulina Springs agrees to display consignment titles for a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 12 months without sales
  • Upon sale, we pay 60% of the retail price to consignment suppliers
  • Authors may pick up unsold books at any time - doing so, closes the consignment agreement, and payment for any sold books will be mailed with our next billing cycle to the address on file
  • Paulina Springs is bound to payment only for copies sold in the store (identified by our electronic inventory system), and does take responsibility for damaged or stolen items
  • Paulina Springs is generally unable to carry spiral-bound books, and with the exception of certain childrens books we generally require a binding with the title and author displayed on the spine

Achieving success with self-published titles of any kind is not an easy task. Simply placing your book on the shelves of booksellers will not likely generate any sales for you. Promotion of your title falls to you, the author, and requires tremendous effort. We recommend you do all of the following:


  • Talk up your book with friends, family, and people you meet, and let them know it is available for purchase at Paulina Springs
  • Use social media to generate awareness and interest in your book, and general knowledge of the books availability at Paulina Springs
  • Contact local media to provide them with a review copy, request coverage of its release, and inform them of the books availability at Paulina Springs
  • Get word to local book clubs and let them know of your availability to attend if your book is chosen, and inform them it can be purchased at Paulina Springs
  • Contact libraries in the area about putting a copy of your book on their shelves and make yourself available for presentations
  • If your book has a relevance to specific community organizations contact them to express your availibility for speaking and announce the books availability at Paulina Springs

Consignment at Paulina Springs Books will not work for every author. We welcome feedback about how our program might be improved upon.