Reward Programs

Paulina Reader Rewards

It's easy to become a member of our Reader Rewards program. Just supply us with your name, address, and phone number. This information is never sold or given to anyone. We do not send you unsolicited mail, and we only call you about special orders you've placed with the store. As a member you get all of the following benefits:


  • Members of our Reader Rewards program can special order books not found on our shelves. Typically we'll have the book for you within just a day or two (add a day for weekends.) No additional charges apply to special orders, and there is almost never any shipping charges involved. Discounts that would normally apply in the store apply to special orders as well.
  • Reader Rewards acknowledge your loyalty to Paulina Springs by tracking your purchases and granting rewards over time on your book and music purchases. The reward is equal to the average price of the 18 items that created the reward, so it's like getting a surprise free book every so often. It doesn't matter how quickly you reach the 18th book or CD. Whether you get there in a month or two years matters not to the computer. It rewards you just the same.
  • An added bonus to membership is that while browsing in the store you might come across a book you find interesting, but can't remember if you already read the book. As a member of Reader Rewards we can look up your purchase record and let you know whether or not you have already purchased the book from us.

Paulina Play Rewards


In recognition of our growing toy selection we now offer rewards to our loyal toy purchasers.

  • Your reward accumulation happens even quicker for toys. Once you purchase 15 items categorized in our computer as a toy you gain a certificate equal to the average purchase price of those 15 items.
  • As is the case with our Reader Rewards, you can redeem your certificate for any goods sold at Paulina Springs.
  • You are also able to special order anything from the Melissa & Doug catalog not found on our shelves. Typically, we can get it in within 8 or 9 days.