A Brief History

The first chapter of Paulina Springs Books' history was written in 1992. The store was opened in Sisters OR under the name Paulina Springs Book Company by founders Dick Sandvik and Diane Campbell. Dick and Diane created a bookstore with high appeal to readers of many persuasions, and over time its good reputation had spread far and wide. Annual visitors to Sisters would come to the store prepared with a list of titles they'd compiled over the year to purchase from Paulina Springs.

Early on, Dick and Diane began hosting author events, bringing a welcome new element to the already culturally rich community. Six months after opening, they hired Sue Tank, who continues to be a vital member of the staff today.

In 2003 the store was purchased by its current owner, Brad Smith. After 25 years of managing the Community Food Co-Op in Bellingham, Brad moved to Central Oregon and began searching for a new community-connected endeavor. After visiting the store, he was impressed by the strong sense of community Dick and Diane had acheived. When he learned they were interested in selling, her decided to take the plunge into the business of selling books. In addition to Sue, Bunny Thompson was working in the store at the time of purchase; she too is still instrumental in the shaping of the store's character.

In 2008, Brad decided to expand. He joined forces with his sister, Cynthia Claridge, and opened a second Paulina Springs location in Redmond. This community had lacked a bookstore for many years and they felt the readers of Redmond deserved one.

For seven years the stores operated together to serve their communities in various ways. Both hosted authors from all over the country, bringing entertaining and stimulating experiences to the community. In both stores, a strong sense of civic duty with exercised in the form of community sponsorships, donations and partnership with educational facilities.

Another page turned in 2015, when changes to Brad's health required him to scale back on his activities. Consequently, he decided to pass on the reins to the store in Redmond. They were looking for a passionate person with a deep sense of community; they found that person in Kaci Aslamov. Kaci took ownership of the Redmond bookstore in December 2015, and it became Herringbone Books. With Kaci at the helm, the store will continue to serve the Redmond community and be a true neighbor to its patrons.

Still under Brad's ownership, Paulina Springs Books in Sisters continues to be a vital part of the community. We value the relationships that we've formed with our patrons and are grateful for their continued support.