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Our toy selection continues to grow, so you can always expect to find something new on the shelves. We're always looking for new lines we believe will be of interest to shoppers, and the companies we currently work with are always coming up with great new ideas.

Technically, the Klutz line is considered a book line, as most every product comes with an instructional book, but everything they make is such great fun that we consider them toys as well. Since their beginning in the 1970's with Juggling for the Complete Klutz, the Klutz company has continued to come up with great new ideas (some of
which are actually old ideas), packaging a super easy how-to book with all the necessary supplies. The have succeeded beyond expectations to fulfill the corporate mission statement "Create wonderful things, be good, have fun."



M&DMelissa & Doug

A few years ago we began carrying the Melissa and Doug line. Melissa and Doug started 23  years ago in a garage. Today they are a very successful independent toy company whose focus is on quality and fun. While offering products of tremendous value, quality and design, M&D strive to make each and every customer well satisfied and coming back for more.
  • If you are looking for classic toys - the longstanding wooden tool kit, an abacus, bead mazes, wooden stacking toys, etc you will find plenty to choose from here.
  • If you want something musical - a real working grand piano, beginners harmonica, kazoo or recorder, or a complete band in a box to give your grandchildren to drive the adults in their household crazy ... why they have those as well.
  • Puzzles abound here - wooden puzzles of all sorts, cardboard floor puzzles, or cardboard tabletop puzzles.
  • Art & craft items cover the spectrum - an assortment of decorate-your-own items (from piggy banks to tiaras to race cars), sticker crafts, stencils, wooden assembly kits, and a whole assortment of papers, paints, pencils, and other art supplies can be had from Melissa & Doug.
  • Outdoor items include gardening tools, sandbox play items, flashlights, and great backyard play items.
  • The extensive wooden railroad line is fully compatible with Brio and Thomas the Train, and can be purchased in sets or individually. The accessory items are really cool.
  • And we can't forget the amazingly wonderful plush animals.